روغن اسپین فینیش S70

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    OIL-S70 is used as spinfinish for production of polypropylene CF and BCF yarns.



    liquid Appearance

    light yellow


    ۷,۵ ± ۰,۵

    Nonionic Lonity



    • Reduces fiber-metal and ceramic-fiber friction and reduces yarn breakage
    • Enhances the distribution of oil on the fiber
    • Causes no deposits, no flees and reduces the dusting effect
    • Good antistatic properties
    • There is no mineral oil in chemical composition
    • Without any unpleasant odors
    • It does not cause corrosion


    Application & Recommendation

    Efficient in the high speed PP spinning process OIL-S70 can be used either conc. or diluted 10 – ۲۰%
    and the consumption rate should be variable between 0.5 – ۱.۲%


    Mixture of lubricants, nonionic emulsifiers and special antistatic agents.

    Shelf life

    In original sealed package 1 year from delivery date under stated conditions.

    Storage conditions

    Do not expose to heat and frost! Optimal storage at temperatures from 15 to 35 °C. After exposure
    to cold, e.g. during transport, the product has to be warmed up to approx.40 °C and thoroughly
    stirred before application.

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